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Innovation & Fun

Experience freedom with your KIT LIVRE®

KIT LIVRE® allows wheelchair users to feel "the wind in their face" with freedom and style


Our Products

Whether for urban use, off road or for classic style, we offer several models of KIT LIVRE, manual or with powertrains, ranging from 350w up to an incredible 1500w. Our range of options in each style reflects that each customer is unique to us!

Which style best represents you?

About us

"Mobility = Autonomy + Freedom"

This is the equation that we at KIT LIVRE® propose to put into practice, by creating a solution capable of increasing the freedom of people who depend on wheelchairs for their mobility.

Moving on broken sidewalks, easing through gaps, riding on sandy terrain or lawns, being more independent and active in situations that can be unattainable in conventional wheelchairs, whether manual or motorized. Our proposal is to enable wheelchairs to move in all enviroments safely, confortably and enjoyably. And this is what motivates us at KIT LIVRE®:

"Make wheelchair users the protagonists in their own lives"

KIT LIVRE® - Inspiring name, considering its intended purpose - is a motorized kit, which can be attached to any model of manual wheelchair (regardless of brand, size or make), transforming it into an electric motorized tricycle, which significantly increases mobility, providing freedom and autonomy for the user.

Be a part of the LIVRE® family!




We are motivated by the immediate satisfaction and excitement that each of our clients, their families and all the people involved, feel at the moment they regain the experience of independence and freedom, provided by the use of KIT LIVRE®. That "wind in the face" feeling that brings that with it a sense of autonomy and increased self-esteem, which are essential factors in our success.



Increasing the mobility and self-esteem of wheelchair users is our mission. We develop high-quality products which allow them to be used on uneven surfaces and transform the wheelchair user´s experience in a radical and fun way.



We encourage customer feedback in order to understand how we can improve our client´s experience, whether in the production process or in design aspects of the final product. We want to ensure that our client service, production and products are constantly improving. In this way, we can continue to evolve our business.


  • LIVRE® was founded in 2014 to promote innovation in the development of new assistive products.
  • Master's Program in Mechanical Engineering at UNESP.
  • Nucleus of Assistive Technology Research (NEqAR).
  • Design Evolution to enable the use of KIT LIVRE® without the need for a Drivers Licence.


  • KIT LIVRE® is a motorized equipment that transforms a wheelchair into an Electric Motorized Tricycle.
  • Battery has an average range of 25 km.
  • Maximum controlled speed of 20 km / h.
  • Tested and approved in various environments: land, grass, asphalt, concrete, etc. Supports body weight of up to 150 kg.


  • LIVRE® has accumulated several prizes all over Brazil, as well as finalists in several other contests.
  • TV (Globo, Record, Jornal Vanguarda, Jornal da Gazeta).
  • Newspapers and magazines (Empresas & Negócios, O Globo, Jornal Extra, O Vale).
  • Internet (Uol, Vrum.com.br, Bike é Legal, Sebrae, Meon, Blog do cadeirante and many others).

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